Ednethia Thomas

Ednethia Thomas is an entrepreneur, whose sole purpose is to provide services, opportunities, and aid other entrepreneurs and business owners in the fulfillment of their visions. Her role in life, is to help others and she finds joy in that beyond measure. She executes in various capacities and has an innate ability to develop any craft, by expanding her knowledge, to dominate any industry. She began branding the MEAFE name 12 years ago with MEA Marketing and Design. She expanded to create MEA Family Enterprises, Travel Springs and Barton Family Home Care.
As her purpose evolved, she began to firmly plant her roots in the finance industry. E Thomas Financial Group, is a Georgia based company aiding individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners with credit repair, tax preparation, and financial planning. This wholistic approach to finances, advances the participants, to fulfilling their visions.
Ednethia has over 14 years of experience in leadership and administration, including: General Operations, Finances, and Office Management. She possesses a specialized set of skills including expertise in the areas of Marketing techniques, Graphic Design, Website Design, as well as proficiency in the use of Special Office Software. Ednethia has demonstrated a commitment to community service and involvement.

Her constant thrive to create innovative ideas and passion to provide service, builds bridges for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations, to emerge and evolve. It is her desire to provide opportunities in the community and bring other entrepreneurs and individuals together, to create “something special”.