Steven Govan 

In 2019, Steven Govan, Founder of the popular social media fitness group, ‘Believe N Me’ was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.  A hectic nightlife, a career as a popular DJ, late-night eating of fast food; and lack of sleep was a life-threatening combination that resulted in an emergency room visit with the diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure.  A year later, Steven Govan has lost a considerable amount of weight and changed the trajectory of his health.  While on his inspiring health journey, Steven began his efforts to not only help himself but to help other people achieve their goals of changing to a healthier lifestyle. Steven has become a fitness trainer and launched the physical/mental health and wellness and accountability engine called Believe N Me. Believe N Me is a place for support, encouragement, and accountability. Steven promotes positivity and belief in one’s self to ensure the achievement of any set goals. With a following of over 1500 members in the Charlotte area and 100 and growing in the Columbus, Ohio area, Believe N Me is expected to reach many lives and provide them with a means to a healthier way of living.

Laura Davis-Perry

BNM President

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Laura Davis-Perry, BCC, LSW, MSW, LISW-S, BSP, HB 

Laura Davis-Perry was born and raised in Ansonville, NC and now lives in Columbus, Ohio. In May of 2005, Laura earned a bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling (B.C.C) from New Vision University in North Carolina. In May 2012, Laura earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Capital University in Bexley, Ohio. In May 2014 Laura received a master’s degree in Social Work from “The Ohio State University”, which equipped her to become a Licensed (Independent) Clinical Social Worker with Supervision allowances. Laura has continued in her studies. She is pursuing a degree as a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) at Walden University.
She is currently conducting research focusing on the disparities faced by youth and young adults aging out of the foster care system throughout the United States. Laura founded her own private practice in 2017. Conquering Walls Counseling Agency, LLC provides various mental health services to adults, children (10 and up), and families in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas. 

Ednethia Thomas

BNM Area Coordinator Atlanta Chapter

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Ednethia Thomas is an entrepreneur, whose sole purpose is to provide services, opportunities, and aid other entrepreneurs and business owners in the fulfillment of their visions. Her role in life, is to help others and she finds joy in that beyond measure. She executes in various capacities and has an innate ability to develop any craft, by expanding her knowledge, to dominate any industry. She began branding the MEAFE name 12 years ago with MEA Marketing and Design. She expanded to create MEA Family Enterprises, Travel Springs and Barton Family Home Care.
As her purpose evolved, she began to firmly plant her roots in the finance industry. E Thomas Financial Group, is a Georgia based company aiding individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners with credit repair, tax preparation, and financial planning. This wholistic approach to finances, advances the participants, to fulfilling their visions.